How to create hybrid flowers:

If you plant two different specimen of the same species next to each other, on the next morning, there is a chance they will hybridize and create a new flower in one of the spaces next to either of the parents. For example, red tulips and white tulips can produce pink tulips. 

  • The parent flowers should be adjacent, either right next to each other or diagonally.
  • There needs to be at least one space open next to each parent. Do not completely surround either parent with anything, including items, patterns, dig spots, or other flowers.



I forgot how much I miss gravity falls

I guess I could call it TFW no GF

Send me a character and I’ll find a song that reminds me of them in my iTunes library

  • mercutio: i can see what's happening
  • benvolio: what?
  • mercutio: and they don't have a clue!
  • benvolio: stop
  • mercutio: they'll fall in love and here's the bottom line -- our trio's down to two
  • benvolio: people are dying


that girl you just called a scene? she’s a god damn arms race.


i’m like an npc i won’t do anything unless you interact with me

Say it with me now: “Arousal doesn’t mean consent”

My dad read an article about the sexual harassment at Comic con and was telling me about it. “I guess these guys never go out so when they see a girl they can’t control themselves.” I dunno if he meant it as a joke but I didn’t take it as one. I replied with “No, they’re consciously deciding to do this. They think that with so many people around they’ll be able to get away with it.” That kind of ended the conversation :/

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HOLY SHIT. Please watch this!

I would love to play the white best friend to any of these lovely ladies.


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